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 Karen Steele 

 Marriage Celebrant - Corporate Trainer 


I now have a hands free lead generation strategy !

“I was invited for a 'Strategy Session' to analyse my current business. I walked away with not only a clear plan on how to become more profitable, but also a step by step action plan on how I am going to achieve this growth in the next 12 months ", Thank you Paul

-Karen Steele , Marriage Celebrant & Corporate Trainer www.karensteele.com.au

Kate Dixson



Recovered and Secured Our Business , phew !

“I purchased a business and found out I had no control or security over the online assets. The former Web Designer and SEO , were holding us ransom and locked us out, effectively holding us ransom for further unwarranted fees. We heard about CSM , through a colleague and gave them a go. We got our site back , ownership and security all in place. I can't believe the hours Paul and his team put in to get this done . Delivered over and above , highly recommended !

-Kate Dixson , Amusement Equipment www.bigandbouncy.net.au

 Brodie Ashby 

 Owner and BDM


New Appointment Systems Increased Conversions

“We now have systems in place that manage our workflow and save hours of work every week. This has enabled us to spend more time converting the qualified leads into appointments, and sales for our online security services. We love how our new sales funnels are working ! Only too happy to recommend Crank Start Media for Sales Automation Strategies

-Brodie Ashby , Wordpress Security  @brodieashby

 Kelly Marsden 

Marketing Manager - Shopify Store Owner 


300+ Leads in under 2 weeks , with one Facebook App 

”Paul suggested one of his Facebook Apps for Lead Generation . He setup a Contest Campaign that has built us a list of 300 prospects within 2 weeks of starting,  and all on autopilot", The leads we generated are already returning sales and a massive ROI on campaign , Thank you Paul

-Kelly Marsden ,  Marketing Manager &  Shopify Store Owner

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