Reputation Management

7 Reputation Management Decisions That Big Business Took that you can learn from. 

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No # 1 - Contractor Fail 

Big business have employees or contractors to help managing brands for negative comments. 

The 'One Man Band' contractor, wakes up one day to find that they have been getting slammed on Social Media , without even knowing , and having a chance to reply in a positive manner. It's only then that they realise why work calls have dropped significantly in the last couple of months. 

You may be a small contractor , but you must not ignore Social Media , as it can be an ally or an enemy when you don't have control.

No# 2 - Coming back to a comment with the wrong reply.

If you have been on the end of a negative comment then you will know how it immediately feels. But the golden rule is , never reply straight away , as in the 'heat of the moment' your reply may come off poorly and make any negative comment worse !

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Remember Reputation Management is not just for managing a poor review or a less than ideal comment , it's also used for engaging with customers and creating a loyal following.

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