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The Issue... 92 % of Wordpress Hacking Attacks Are Via 'Exploits'

When Your Hacked ...  It's going to take you days & $1000's to Restore, Request Removal Off Blacklists and Re-Rank Your Website

Cheap Insurance... You Insure Your Home , Your Car and Your Health...............If your website is a big part of your Business then you have  chance to insure your website at a very reasonable rate. 

The Hacked Website is actually the least of your worries -  Once you have been hacked you just shut every social account , user and anything else that has ever been linked to it... and I mean everything ..... and start again.

The real headaches that come afterwards are going to keep you busy for a very long time !

You then need to start rebuilding passwords , new email accounts,  and hosting connections​.

Your site will almost certainty be blacklisted in some form & the removal process means that you'll have to apply to each one of the 30+ security agencies and hope to get the all clear.​

​Do You Really Want To Go Through That , or Do You Want an  Easier Way ?

"Attacks against SMB's are at an all-time high. Today approximately 71 percent of data breaches target small businesses. The average estimated cost of attacks on small business is $7,100 and 60 percent of small businesses end up shutting down after a cyberattack." SOURCE :  CNBC 

Done For You

Means we do all the work , identify any issues and resolve them while we setup your site for future protection. The systems we put in place ensure that your site is protected automatically.

Future Poofing

We focus on hacker activity rather than each new vulnerability. As no one will ever keep up with the new methods, we just stop them from accessing your site before they attempt to hack. As soon as they are identified they are stopped in their tracks.

Faster Website

Super low resource payload - protects against 92 % of attacks

Google rewards websites with faster ' time to view ' pages and helps push sites up the search engine rankings

"Turns out we had no security and it cost us big time..."

"We engaged Crank Start Media for sorting out why our website had dropped in rankings so quickly. We were hacked through Malware injection that we didn't even know about. There were links pointing out to Pharma Spam sites , and we got penalized by Google."  , Paul and his team helped us put their Website Lockdown Service in place and then started to repair our hard earned  rankings again. Could all have been avoided with a very low cost service !  Living and Learning ...

- Peter Drafer (Small Business Owner)

We Analyse, Identify, Install, and Activate Our Solution Within Three Days

Your new security , is the insurance you need to protect your business from future attacks.  

When you have a backup system in place and our security solution setup , you can rest easy !

Website Lockdown Service

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Done For You Security Service
Note :      I  definitely don't want to push you into taking action .....
But I am guessing if you made it this far down the page you already know that you don't have the right systems in place to protect from your business from Hackers attempting these scenarios - 





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"Who would have thought my personal blog would be hacked ? Well I found out the hard way, but never again. Paul setup the security systems on my new site and the new reports show the hacking attempts with zero  breaches, Thank You Paul "

- Karen Steele (Marriage Cellebrant)

"In 2016 Companies and individuals will be hit by 90 Million Attacks . That's 400 raids per minute. Nearly 70% of these attacks will go unnoticed yet the fallout is massive. Hacking costs the larger companies 15.4​ Million per attack " according to SOURCE: Sameer Dixit Senior Consulting Director Cybersecurity Firm 

Website Lockdown Service

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  • Future Proofed
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"I was hacked badly years ago and lost more than I care to I understand the true cost in time, reputation and money, I will guarantee security of your site from exploit attacks for 12 months , or your money back." -  Paul Davies 


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