OK ,  Not Ready Just Yet ?

Yes , I understand , you don't really know our service or if it's right for you just yet, or you may not have the funds to commit right now ... But I'd love to know 

Are you getting direct ZERO competition leads or are you sharing them with other realtors ?

If you would like to lock in Zero competition leads than this is it , and probably your last chance to do so

You see if another Realtor signs up for this service they will get their videos published and Google does not like to place more than 1 or 2 videos on Google organic search....

So here is a chance to test the waters a 'Litte Bit' with three fully optimized videos ready to publish online , everywhere !

10 + 3 Pack   VIDEO OFFER

Extra 3 Videos Created For 3 Search Terms

Normally $300

Aim For Maximum Exposure Plus Our Bonus SEO Services

  • 3 Videos Created
  • 3 Targeted Keywords
  • SEO Optimized
  • Added To YouTube
  • Promoted
  • Indexed
  • Bonus SEO Services
  • Syndicated
  • Embedded on Social 

Imagine Getting Your Listing Fully Boosted All Over Google As Well As YouTube !

I didn't realize the power of a Custom Website until we tried it out.

Our Client LOVED seeing her home up there online and was by far the biggest promoter online of her home through her network of  friends on Social Media 

Turns out the eventual sale came from one of her extended contacts . The trust in us as agents was far higher as the connection was already established . 

I will definitely be adding this strategy to sales funnels

Thank You Paul , 

Julie Farr

New Media Writer

The custom website we had developed was a winner !

We tracked where the leads came from and we had more leads come in through the custom website than any of our traditional channels.

The home owner loved the fact we went the extra mile . We built a lot of credibility and good will as we added this service as free in exchange for referrals , which resulted in 3 new prospects and 1 new Vendor Signed Up 

Any agents looking for an edge , shouldbe trying this at least once ! ( But not in my neck of the woods ) 

John Doe

Affiliate Press Writer

100% Money Back Guarantee

PS: There are no guarantees of Google indexing everything where we like , please see below !

We will deliver the videos and our services without fail.  We try really hard and get there quiet often, but what we can't guarantee is that Google will 'show' all of our videos for all of our search terms on Page 1  ( By the way No-One Can )

However they will be published and providing valuable link juice back to your promo pages. We still offer our 30 day money back guarantee on our workmanship and service. If you are not happy with the service or delivery of your services as stated above ,  simply email for a refund, Thanks

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